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I am afraid to write or even to think about you,

since it will open up a wound that my heart had already healed,

afraid others may say your name and I will have to remember you,

that fear that you know well brings me sorrow for not holding you tight by my side.

I don’t want to listen to my heart that tells me you are my eternal loved one,

I don’t want to awaken the feeling I fear will return, and bring back that smile of being in love,

a feeling I thought was forgotten but you will always be within me.

You know I loved you and my heart will always be open for you,

but the day you departed you left my soul lonely and in love,

and took my heart this century to suture the wound you left in my solitude.

I don’t deny the fear all these years,

because the memory of your love lives within me as if it were still yesterday,

fear to see once more you passionate love forever.


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